My current station

  • A two tower station
  • Tower 1 supports 2EL 40M yagi, 5 EL 6M yagi as well as 5EL 10M yagi.  It supports an Inverted Vee for 40/80M and a small 144/440 yagi fixed to the north.  I also have a C4 on a sidemount, as well as an A4 fixed on Caribbean. 
  • Tower 2 supports 5EL 15M yagi, 5EL 20M yagi, and the tower is shunt fed for 160M.  The tower also supports an 80M inverted Vee
  • For the low bands, I have a K9AY receiving array, and also use beverage antennas during the Winter.
  • My shack is configured for SO2R contesting or SO1R.
  • I use an IC-7800 as well as a Yaesu FTdx-5000 for transceivers.
  • I have a trusty AL-1200 Amplifier when needed.
  • For rotors, the big stacks are turned using AlfaSpid RAK rotors The sidemount antennas are turned using T2X